Eric studied classical theater and completed his MFA at The Catholic University of America. He began to develop his television career in Washington and performed with National Players, America's oldest classical touring company, before making the move to New York in 1980. There he continued to build success in theater and television before finding his way out to Los Angeles in 1984.

He landed a starring role in the NBC series, Hot Pursuit. From that came a stint on such old nuggets as Hill Street Bludes and Fame. He soon starred in Alien Nation, and appeared as many more aliens in the various Star Trek TV series. He has guest starred and recurred in dozens of television series over the years like ER, JAG, Medium, CSI, Big Love, Brothers and Sisters, and The Mentalist.

Recently he has been seen on Hart of Dixie and Parks and Recreation.

His most popular big screen credits include Liar Liar, The World's Fastest Indian, and Holes. Check Out the Appearance Page for Eric's upcoming TV and Movie roles.

A love of theater has brought him on stage in New York, Los Angeles, and regional theaters around the country. Some favorite productions of his are The Lion in Winter, Richard III, A Man For All Seasons, The Hasty Heart, Panache, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Greensward, Harm's Way, A Streetcar Named Desire, Missouri Waltz, and even way back in the 70s, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. View full Theatre Credits.