The Secret Mission of William Tuck

“The familiar events and historical figures surrounding the birth of the United States are made personal in this riveting story of one boy’s unparalleled courage. ...Richly detailed and exhilarating.." Kirkus Reviews >> Read Full Review

"This would have been one of those books I devoured in an hour or two while in grade school. I LOVED Revolutionary War stories anyway, but when they included girls who had to disguise themselves as boys, it was even better (yes, one of the main characters plays this role). Why? Because there is always that element of fear - "Oh my gosh, she's going to be discovered, what will happen?... I can defintely say that this book is very much recommended for younger readers. If they do not have an interest in the War for Independence once they finish, they will have." Reet Champion Book Reviews

"The riveting story had me from the beginning...The reader is left feeling breathless ." Gigi McAllister-The Late Bloomers Book Blog

"Mr. Pierpoint has put a lot of research into this book, make no mistake, but he also gives each character a vibrant personality to appeal to readers....We’ve got an interesting female supporting lead character, a stint on one of the infamous prison ships, and a tremendous battle at Yorktown wrapped around a mission that has more layers to it than poor William ever counted on." Mom Read It. Full Review

The Last Ride of Caleb O'Toole

“In this action-packed debut novel…Pierpoint has created a suspenseful, enlightening read featuring worthy allies (including several tribes of Native Americans) and wicked enemies (including a bad sheriff and his murderous brothers)." Abby Nolan-Booklist